California Health & Rescue Training

Training You Can Bet Your Life On!

California Health and Rescue Training is a company committed to providing relevant quality, OSHA compliant training programs. We believe that our training should be something you can bet your life on. In reality, when you actually utilize our training, you will be betting a life on it. The life could be a co-worker or maybe even your own.

We realize the importance of our training programs so we strive to deliver recognized and approved curriculum with registered instructors. In fact, all of our instructors are professional rescuers and many are respected leaders in their areas of expertise.

We take seriously our responsibility to provide you with current information, quality equipment and realistic scenarios. It's our opinion that if you're going to invest time and money in training, then you should not only expect a quality program... you should demand it!

The most effective training is that which has been designed specifically for your needs and location. With this in mind, we find that "on-site" training tends to be the most beneficial for students. However, if it is difficult or impossible to conduct training at your facility, then you should consider sending your employees to an open enrollment course at one of our complete training centers.

Regardless what your needs are, we can help you develop and provide the training program that will make your workplace a safe one.

Kent Freeman
Owner of California Health and Rescue Training